Join me on September 18th at 7pm. As the new moon provides a fresh start and the beginning of a new cycle. These unique circle are dedicated to aligning intentions, creating awareness and clearing stagnation. Promoting greater connection to your intuition, our community, and the natural rhythm of the world through this intimate gatherings.

The sessions include: 

-      A theme based insight on the astrological placement of the moon

-      A guided mindfulness/visualization exercise

-      Free flowing movement creating body awareness

-      Journaling as a way to dive deeper and the opportunity to share in community

-      Creation of a mantra or intention to guide the month ahead

-      A warm and welcoming environment including my terrible jokes

-      Healthy homemade organic snacks + teas


-      Comfortable clothes

-      Yoga Mat

-      Bolster (optional but makes sitting more comfortable)

-      Journal and Pen

Sign up for your donation-based seat here. (Suggested donation $30).

*I will be leaving on a Silent Retreat on September 22nd so don’t forget to book your one on one sessions before I leave.