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Light and Dark


Light and Dark

Today during Yoga class the subject of darkness was brought up and how staying in the light is no easy task. Even the comics think Star Wars, Superman became darker with time.

This really got me thinking- “What makes us stay in the light?” we all go through hard times in our life, at some point or another we are crossed by somebody we trusted, somebody we love passes away, our heart is broken, friends are lost, parents aren’t who we thought they were. Every day we are given reasons to let go of our nature, of our goodness, of our light.

This is what keeps me light.

-          Humor- Even a fake smile long enough makes you genuinely smile.

-          Relationships- Having people to turn to when it gets rough can feel like not having to carry the supermarket, while holding crying twins. (just the idea made me tense)

-          Trust- That where we are, is where we should be.  

-          Curiosity- This one is new for me. But looking at every experience like a tourist with no judgment. Think Tarzan style…

-          Movement- My mom always asks me why I move so much. I find that giving my body movement brings space in my mind and heart. Movement sometimes looks like yoga and other it looks like a homeless off her meds ( sorry)

-          Breath- Oh breath just the word makes me feel light.

So what keeps you on the light side?