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Yoni, Heart and Mind Power

The beautiful Elise Carr is on the Toolkit for Life today! She is the voice behind Stella Muse and the pioneer behind "Yoni, Heart and Mind" Awakening from within through Sacred Guidance, Sacred Sexuality, Spirituality & Soul. 

On this episode we are talking about:

- What is the Yoni?

- How we can awaken our power

- Healing the space of the Heart

- The cycle of giving and receiving

- Pure Love- what it is and how to access it 

- Attracting people that meet us where we are  

- A practice for clearing our chakras

- Putting down our shields

- Sitting down with our feelings 

- A centering practice to opening up and creating a channel of conversation with ourselves 

And much, much more

To learn more about the work of Elise you can find here:

Thank you so much for listening to this episode. I'm so grateful to have you here and would love to hear your thoughts on this episode you can leave me a comment below. If you liked this episode, please share it with someone you know that might benefit. You can also support me by leaving a 5-star review on iTunes so more people can learn about Toolkit for Life. 



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Season One Finale

Season One of Toolkit for Life Finale

You guys! It’s the end of Season 1. That is cray, cray the first podcast I ever recorded was a voice note on my iPhone as I was talking I thought to myself "oh this is good, this is really good". I had that Felicity energy in me as I continued to talk. So I borrowed a mic from my neighbor, watched a couple of youtube videos on how to record a podcast and the next day my podcast was live. I didn’t overthink it or marry myself to the idea. I just began. Some days it took me hours to record an episode, other times it was completely organic.

My heart skipped a bit when I realized people were listening but to be very honest I do this because I see no other option than to share what I learn in a world that needs extra mindfulness and to stay inspired to learn more from others.

Today I listened  back to a couple of the first episodes and the audio was off, the music is super loud, you can hear some background noise, some "ums" and "likes" got in the way (I'm working really hard on this one) To be very honest I felt like erasing them but I think I will keep them as a reminder of where I started and how far we will come.

Here are some of the highlights from the last 13 episodes. Let me know if something else stuck my heart keeps skipping a beat when I hear from you.

·       Change your mood by being grateful, doing a backbend and taking a cold shower.

·       Stop Comparing yourself to others by using social media less, comparing yourself only against who you were and not only to the bits and pieces of other people, redefining the word success (more of this on season 2)

·       Heal your relationship with food “When you are trying to change the way you look you will never be able to have a healthy relationship with your body. It's like telling a friend you hate them you wish they would change but then tell them to come over for movies. It just doesn’t work that way. The vicious cycles end when love walks through the door.”

·      When feeling nervous or suffering from insomnia try writing without reading back, at least 3 pages. Use this as a mental purge to clear your mind. 

·       Craniosacral with Michelle taught us the power of using our eyes to access a part of our brain that stores memories and trauma. How juggling can be a great way to booth meditate/concentrate and use our eyes. 

·       Monotasking: The importance of slowing down and doing one activity at a time.

·       Josh Vincent taught us how what we work for on the mat is not a metaphor, we are working on those things off the mat as well. Slowing down and taking the time to explore our bodies with curiosity.

·       Inner Bullying: Recognizing the four voices of fear that show up – the victim, worrier, critic and perfectionist and how they might be keeping you from reaching your goals. This might have been one of my favorite episodes because it was very research based.

·       Use the question- Can you be happy right now? In this moment? When you are feeling overwhelmed and you will notice that 80% of the time the answer will be YES.

·       Build resilience by facing your fears constantly.

·       View your partner as a teacher somebody you can learn from and keep an open heart.

·       In difficult situations become present and offer actionable help.

·       Maring Higa taught us the importance of creating space for our creativity how it allows us to be more receptive and might be what we are missing in our lives.  

What you can expect on Season 2 better music and audio. More interviews I have my eyes on several guests. Less "um" "literally" "like". More engagement on my Facebook group please join here if you haven't. I promise to try and keep inspiring you. 

Thank You for tagging along in this Journey.


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Creativity + Femininity Episode 14 with Maring Higa


Creativity + Femininity Episode 14 with Maring Higa

On today's podcast, I'm interviewing Maring Higa acupuncturist, creativity coach and the host of The Messy Middle. We were introduced by a mutual friend and it was such a delight to interview her. The work she is doing is so inspiring. I have personally started her Spark challenge and I hope you do as well. 

On today's episode you will learn: 

  • What creativity is.
  • How to invite more creativity into your life.
  • Moving stagnation from Creativity 
  • The link between creativity, womanhood, and fertility  
  • What is receptivity and how to become more receptive 
  • What the spark challenge is and how you can be a part of it. 
  • And much more

You can learn more about Maring on her website:

Follow her drawings such as "Practice with Purpose" on Instagram