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Change your brain- Craniosacral Therapy. Episode 5

Michelle is a craniosacral and therapeutic bodyworker during this podcast she will be teaching us:  

-          What craniosacral is and how it can help you deal with physical pain and trauma

-          Why Juggling can be what you are missing in your life

-          Eye exercises to rewire your brain

-         The power of Discipline

-         Visualization exercise

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4 ways to Love Yourself without saying it in the mirror.


4 ways to Love Yourself without saying it in the mirror.

If I could give one piece advice to my younger self it would be to love myself more. To skip the abusive relationships, the shitty friendships, to enjoy the body I live in, to drink less, to stress less, too spend more time outside my mind.  

When I started to feel self-love I kept asking myself “Why didn’t anybody tell me about this?” It felt like grabbing an iPhone for the first time after owning a flip phone, pretty life changing. Because it is life changing to love yourself.

Fortunately today I feel blessed to be working with women helping them with this piece of the equation. It truly feels like my karmic duty. I’ve considered printing some “love yo self” t-shirt and handing them out in high schools…..trying to make a point.

But here is the question- How do you love yourself more? 

Because the idea of saying “I LOVE MYSELF” in the mirror can get a bit cheesy. Here are some of the exercises I use for my clients and myself-

1.       Sit with it. With your eyes closed find the emotions and thoughts in your body and create space for them to be, but no longer dictate the way you approach life.

2.       Write- Journal as much as you can. Read what you are saying to yourself and then review the thoughts and voices with compassion.  

3.       Breathe/Meditate. Meditate and if that word scares you, breathe. I’m planning on making some breathing videos just because I find this tool super powerful.

4.       Question- One of my favorite things to do when feeling self-doubt is asking myself “What’s the most loving and kind thing I can do for myself right now?” This question shapes what I eat, how I exercises and how I show up in life.

What ways do you “love yourself more” or teach your kids to love themselves more?