Couldn’t be more excited to have you join me for Season Two of the Toolkit for Life Podcast! If you are new to the podcast game, let me change your life. A podcast is basically a radio show that you can get online, so you can listen anytime you want.  You have two options: You can listen to a podcast through the website (by clicking on the link) or you can listen on your smartphone (which is super convenient to do while driving)

If you have an iPhone use the Podcast App it’s a purple app (it actually comes installed on newer devices). In the Podcasts app, you search for Toolkit for Life and then hit subscribe.

 If you have an android or tablet download try Stitcher app from Google Play.

Some of my favorite podcasts are:

-          Optimal Daily Living

-          Dear Sugars

-          On Being

-          Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

-          Toolkit for Life (thought I should mention myself)  

During this first episode, you will learn what’s a spiritual trap is, how we get caught up in the fixing and seeking and the power of pause.

Pause exercise

Take three mindful pauses during your day where you stop what you are doing and become fully present. Use your senses- what do you hear, see, smell, taste.

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