We look for happiness and fulfillment in our work, partners, kids, friends….. We either look for what we don’t have or compare and feel we are missing something. We get the husband but hate his mother, we get the job but it’s not what we thought it would be, lose weight but our legs are still too big, we have children and miss the independence. It’s a constant struggle.

We dedicate our life’s fixing, getting, changing. We find ourselves in a spiral feeling anger, anxiety, resentment like we are always missing something and if you look very closely a sort of loneliness that you cannot explain.

This loneliness, this emptiness that I speak off cannot be fulfilled by anything other than reaching deep down inside you and finding peace. It’s a daily practice not for Buddhist monks, yogis or meditators but for all of us.

My personal challenges pushed me to stop looking outside for the answer and start looking inside. I’m not the sit quiet type of person, I don’t have as much time as I wish, I’m a skeptic by heart and spending money on something I can’t see has never been my thing. That being said I created this practice with “me” in mind and have been able to help my clients in the process. There is moving, journaling, breathing, and sitting involved. If one of this sounds specifically horrible you probably need it more than anything else :)

If you are interested in developing a personal practice with “you” in mind- email me.