It had been almost 7 years since my last solo trip and I could feel how my body was starting to tense as I walked down the airport terminal. Would people speak English? Would I make new friends? Would my husband survive on frozen food? Was it Terminal A?

The longer you spend on your own the easier it is to pay attention to all the internal chatter that goes on. That’s why some people have trouble sleeping, like to be constantly distracted or simply avoid alone time. Silence makes our thoughts louder. So we should ask ourselves: Do you like what you are hearing? and how is it making you feel?

Coming up with a mantra and an object allows you to stay grounded and present. On this occasion, I used the words: “Hear/Here” and a bracelet I bought during my trip. 

Hear as is in- listen to your thoughts without allowing them to dictate how you feel. Become aware of the storytelling without becoming an audience. 

Here as in- the present moment, breath and experience.  

As I heard my storyteller go on a fear based agenda or rant over why they serve salt instead of food on airplanes. I would touch my bracelet, breath and say my mantra. 

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