I’m a huge fan of closing a chapter and opening new one. Any opportunity I get to reflect on the past and use it towards the future I jump on it and encourage my clients to do the same. Today is the last full moon of 2016 so what better practice; To use what we know, work where we are and get clear where we want to be. 

Here is a mini version of the questionnaire that I created. Start by grabbing pen, paper and candle (optional but gives it good Juju) Take a couple of deep breathes and answer the following questions-

1.    What did you learn in 2016?
2.    How can you use it towards 2017?
3.    What are your intentions for 2017? Think of words that describe the way you want to feel. 
4.    How can you make it happen? Write down a list of actions that are measurable and attainable.

If you are in San Diego join me for an “Intention Setting Workshop” at Beaming Del Mar on January 1st at 12 pm.  

Otherwise, I will be traveling to a Retreat in Bali for the next couple of weeks but will be taking on new clients starting January 23rd  If you’d like some help getting clear on your intentions, actions, and mapping out an amazing 2017. Send me an email to book a skype session. 

With lots of love,