I wish that we: 
Grow Strong but not Hard.
Become grounded and disciplined without ever losing the ability to Dream and be Creative.
Never ever go on a diet. Nourish our body not to look a certain way but to feel a certain way. Wake up feeling healthy, strong and vital. 
Lead with passion, compassion, and kindness. Remember everybody is going through something. 
Spend less time on social media and more time growing out of our comfort zone. 
End the days with reflection, gratitude and start the days with intention and enjoyment. 
Spend more time in silence and speak from a place that is true, kind and useful. 
Grow in Awareness and live outside our stories. 
Abundance is created by giving. So give without asking anything in return.
Manage anger with patience towards ourselves and others. 
Go boxing to release energy, dance to create energy, spin to sweat out what no longer serves us, hike to connect with nature. Do Pilates to stay long and Yoga to stay sane. 
Act from a place of self-love. Smile to strangers and make people feel good just for the sake of it. The world needs to feel good.
I wish that we Choose Joy for the next 365 days. 

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