Most people I know are going through a very hard time. If you go on social media all you can read about is basically hate, shock and some funny memes along the way. People are so concerned about what will happen to the world and its not that I don’t feel this despair. I do with all my heart. But there is more than enough sadness, shock and hate in the world right know. So it is only fair that I join the “light team”

A yoga teacher once said “Asana is about spreading awareness through the body” meaning that a pose is never just about the legs or the arms, it’s about feeling and being aware of every inch of your body (that’s where the meditation kicks in). If something is hurting or uncomfortable you look into it, you understand it and then you focus on everything that does work, everything that feels good in the body. It’s like ironing a shirt, you don’t just leave the hot iron over the wrinkle you have to move it.

This same theory applies outside the body. When you feel pain or sadness over a situation in your life you connect with things outside your life, outside your circle, you connect with the wonders of nature, you place your curiosity on the moon and the stars, on the ocean and the birds. You bring your awareness to what is infinite. You iron your despair with love and gratitude.