Hi I'm Janna!

pronounced Hanna in English.

I help Women who are ready to stop being tired, wired, anxious, lonely and stressed.

I support my clients by:

* Giving them unique insight and perspective into their struggles.

* Connecting the mind and body through movement and breath-work.

* Creating rituals that enable the type of person they wish to be.

* Developing awareness, mindfulness, patience, happiness, self-love.

I'm an obsessive learner who spends her time, reading, writing, researching, creating, podcasting, meditating and moving.

With more than 10 years’ experience in the mind-body connection. Certified as a 500-hr Pilates instructor, Culinary Nutrition expert, Health Coach, Restorative Yoga facilitator, Dancer and Life Coach. I use my random studies and unique set of skills to help women find their inner light and beam.

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